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Benchmarking Drupal 8 against Drupal 7

I've repeated some benchmark tests I did back in July last year to see what difference a year has made.

Last Years Testing Environment This years testing environment

Testing Environment

Benchmarking Drupal 8 against Drupal 7

I thought it would be interesting to benchmark the latest Drupal 8 dev against the latest stable Drupal 7 release to see the difference.

Testing Environment

Testing Drupal 8 alpha 2

The alpha 2 release of Drupal 8 was released yesterday. Drupal 8, for me, represents a sea change in the way Drupal works and interacts with both designers and developers. The front end UI work gives much greater freedom to end users, whilst the CMI initiative is a gift to those of us fed up trying to figure out best practice for staging changes with minimum impact on the end user.

The following is my experience of downloading, installing and configuring Alpha 2 and is meant more as a record of my experiences than any meaningful insight into the whole Drupal 8 process.

Deploying Aegir

At the College of Life Sciences we have been faced with a problem in recent times. The success of rolling out Drupal as our content management system of choice has in itself caused its own headaches. As our users saw the flexibility of the system and the ease with which new functionality could quickly be developed, it became obvious that our ideal of having one install to rule them all, just wasn't going to scale in practice.

Sharing Content Module

Sharing Content

Sharing Information

Sharing information is without a doubt something that Universities are just not good at. We hold large amounts of really useful information in corporate systems, but it tends to sit there and very little actually gets distributed out with the bounds of central services. Sometimes it’s down to the technicalities of sharing that information. If the system in question is not capable of making its data available in some kind of format, you’re stuck. However sometimes it is more to do with the politics behind the data.

Overriding how an image displays

One of the big problems we have is that we have a staging server and then copy that information across to our live server which is proxied via another server. Unfortunately because Drupal uses absolute URLs this breaks things like images. A quick change to the way image cache generates the URLs does the trick.

Building a College Website

The College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee recently launched a new website based on the Drupal Content Management System. What follows is a description of how the site was built and the hurdles that we have had to overcome / are still overcoming in order to promote the College and boost awareness.

Drupal at the College of Life Sciences

The College of Life Sciences at the Unviersity of Dundee is one of the largest and most productive research institutes in Europe. With over 900 members of staff from over 50 countries our community is as diverse as our reputation is global.

Drupal 8 Wishlist

As the Drupal 8 development kicks off, I thought it would be useful to enumerate what we'd love to see Drupal offer in future versions. Whether or not this is something that can be implemented in Drupal 8, or if it needs to reach further into the future is up for debate. 


Firstly, a bit of background information on the type of scenarios we have to deal with on a day to day basis.

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