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Advent Calendar
Time for something a bit festive. A quiz done in the style of an advent calendar.
Battle Ships
Quite a cool little one this. Based on the Battle Ships game, it has even got flashing lights.
Beat the Goalie
Beat the Goalie. Choose a ball, and see if the goalie saves it or not.
Maybe showing my age here, but I loved Blockbusters when it was hosted by Bob Holness.
Feeding the 5000
Based on Jesus feeding the 5000. The object is to try and find the 5 loaves and 2 fishes.
Noahs Ark
A game using the classic "Pairs" format based on the story of Noahs Ark.
Pharoah's Gold
As our theme for the holiday club this year we had Egypt, or more specifically Moses.
Target Practice
Time for a bit of archery. Two teams. Get a question right they can choose a number.
Ten Plagues
This quiz is based around the story in exodus of the ten plagues of Egypt.
The Great Faskally Treasure
One for those that visit Faskally House.
The Sower
This quiz is based on the parable of The Sower.
Bugs, bugs and more bugs! This is quite a fun one designed to provoke a bit of excitement! Best played in teams.
Treasure Island
An old favourite from camp from the days of acetates. Slightly more high tech now.