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This quiz allows you to select the letter you want (1st click), turn it blue (2nd click), white (3rd click), or back to yellow again (4th click) if they want to pass. Remember, the blue side has to link 5 cells together to get across, whilst the white has only 4. You can also change all the letters, however make sure you just change the letter in the shape and not move the whole thing.


  1. The concept of Blockbusters will be lost on children, so make sure you explain how to play it in advance and not assume that they know.
  2. As you'll see, the white team have fewer spaces to fill to make it from top to bottom than the blue team do. So it's sometimes a good idea to make the blue team consist of slightly older kids.
  3. As with the original program, the team that goes first is the one to answer the first question correctly. To avoid any bias, get someone to help you decide who had their hand up first when you ask the first question.