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Random Number Generator

Simply enter the maximum value you want (this can be entered while the Slide Show is running), and press the generate key. It then generates a random number. If the maximum value is below 100 it will select any random number between 1-100. If it is set at 100 or over, it will select any number that is a muliple of ten.

This resources uses Macros in order for it to work. You need to make sure that your version of Powerpoint has macros enabled. To do this (Office 2003) go to Tools > Macro > Security and make sure the level is set to Medium or Low (I recommend Medium as it prompts you to select whether macros should run or not). You may have to restart powerpoint for it to take effect.


  1. I often use this for a quick quiz. Two teams. A question is asked, the generate button is pressed, and the score added to that teams tally.
  2. Get someone who is good with numbers to keep the score. Unless you are very good yourself, I'd leave it to someone else to do while you run the quiz.
  3. It is sometimes useful to have a recap on the scores a couple of questions before the end. It is quite often the case that it can all change in the last couple of questions.
  4. If you have time, try and prime the person who is announcing the scores to add a little drama to it. i.e. a little dramatic pause just before you announce the score.