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Drupal 8 Wishlist

As the Drupal 8 development kicks off, I thought it would be useful to enumerate what we'd love to see Drupal offer in future versions. Whether or not this is something that can be implemented in Drupal 8, or if it needs to reach further into the future is up for debate. 


Firstly, a bit of background information on the type of scenarios we have to deal with on a day to day basis.

The College of Life Sciences at the Unviersity of Dundee is one of the largest and most productive research institutes in Europe. With over 900 members of staff from over 50 countries our community is as diverse as our reputation is global. The College is split into two schools with one focusing on the teaching of students, whilst the other is focused on research. Within the research school it is further split into 12 divisions, each of which is made up of individual groups which total over 100 all in. The College employs one web developer, one web designer and one content editor to work with and manage websites covering all these groups/divisions/schools and the College in particular. A wide variety of information is generated centrally that applys to all these areas ranging from news items and events, to vacancies and awards.

Our primary ideal that has driven development of our current drupal based CMS is to centralise information but allow that information to appear on the individual sites owned by the schools/divisions/groups.

Development/Testing/Production Servers

One of the big things that is lacking in Drupal at the moment is a proper way to implement a dev/test/prod setup that allows for easy transfer of work between the three. Drush has done a lot to improve this, especially through the rsync and sql-sync commands, but it would be nice to simply select what you want transferred, and have it deploy automatically.

Remote Content Separation

In the instituion I work in we have the scenario where there is lots of information and lots of interested parties. Each of those interested parties wants the information to appear on their own sites.